Legal Aid Melbourne

How to Find a Legal Aid Lawyer

Need legal aid Melbourne? We understand your plight as you must be concerned about the reliability and expertise of the legal aid lawyer. Legal matters are complicated and it is very crucial that we hire the best Melbourne legal aid. Before you contact a Legal Aid Provider in Melbourne you need to ensure that you are approaching a reliable source. 

As a party in need of legal representation, you are entitled to get professional Legal Aid Melbourne. Depending upon your situation, you can either get paid legal aid or apply for free legal aid in Melbourne. In both cases, you must look for an experienced solicitor with experience in handling legal aid Melbourne matters. 

Legal Aid in Melbourne

Melbourne Legal Aid is designed to offer the best legal help to people in distress. Whether you are accused of a criminal offense or need family law-related aid, legal aid is very important. The Legal aid Melbourne is administered by the Victorian State GovernmentThe scheme aims at making legal representation available and accessible for one and all. Depending upon your affordability, you can reach the best legal aid in Melbourne and seek the best guidance and help. 

What is Legal Aid?

As aforesaid, legal aid is a scheme administered by the Victorian state government with the aim to offer expert legal representation to people in need. Legal aid covers a wide range of legal matters and offers professional and unbiased guidance to people in distress. 

Legal aid Melbourne covers:

Legal Aid Melbourne Family Law

The Legal Aid Melbourne Family Law covers matters related to family and its members. The primary focus is on children’s welfare and parental custody. The solicitors work towards achieving a safe and child-friendly living and care environment for families. The Legal Aid Melbourne providers also enlighten parents in managing children’s needs and matters and ways to avoid legal aid needs in the future. 

Legal Aid Melbourne Divorce Law

With Melbourne Legal Aid Divorce law couples in distress can end their marriage willingly. If there is a “irretrievable breakdown” situation in a marriage, it is best to reach a professional solicitor and seek legal aid.  

Legal aid comprises all types of legal assistance services including but not limited to:

  • Legal advice
  • Legal Help 
  • Court Representation 
  • Family dispute settlement

It is recommended to find a reliable law firm and apply for Melbourne Legal Aid as soon as possible to ensure unbiased and professional representation in the court. 

Legal Aid Application Process

The legal aid provider will take care of your needs and will ensure that you follow the right application process. You will need a few things to apply for Legal aid, including:

  • Photo identification proof
  • Proof of income (payslips/ Centrelink benefits statement)
  • Existing health care card/ Centrelink concession card
  • Account statements of bank or credit union account of last three months. 

You can also ask the legal aid provider to process the application on your behalf. With a professional solicitor helping you in the application process, you can expect a quicker decision for your matters.  

You need to qualify as a ‘Priority Client’ to ensure your case is heard and decided in no time. To qualify for legal aid in Melbourne in the Federal circuit court, one needs to prove its credibility first.

Why is Legal Aid Necessary?

Dealing with legal problems is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone. Without professional knowledge and guidance, it becomes impossible for a layman to get the right legal solution for family and criminal legal matters. However, when you navigate the legal process with the help of Professional Melbourne Legal Aid from experts, the process appears easy and derives favorable outcomes. 

Without Legal aid in Melbourne, you can miss on critical details of the case and face adversities. Legal aid offers great help in matters related to Criminal LawFamily Law, and other civil law matters. To save yourself from wrongful representation and avoid stress, you must contact a professional solicitor firm and get Melbourne legal aid for the legal matters you are facing. 

What Makes Mirabellas Solicitors Unique?

When it is about Legal Aid in Melbourne, trusting anyone random is not recommended. You need to work with a reliable law firm that has knowledge, experience, and exposure to handling legal aid matters related to criminal law, family law, and other civil law matters. Mirabellas Solicitors is one of the most trusted law firms that has been doing commendable work in the legal aid landscape. 

We are a team of solicitors who feel pride in being trusted legal aid Melbourne providers in the region. With over 27 years of experience, we offer legal aid in matters related to family law, Divorce and Separation, Property Disputes, Criminal law, Wills, Estates & probates, Traffic offenses, and Mediation.  Get a Free Initial Legal Aid Consultation from Mirabellas Solicitors


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