Victorian Legal Aid

Legal complications are nightmares and it is important to get professional advice to set free of them. It is unfortunate to face a legal problem but when you do, ensuring the right approach and reliable Victorian Legal Aid is important. Sadly, not many people get access to Professional Legal Advice in Victoria and end up losing their legal battles, resulting in grief, income and property losses as well as personal and professional damages.

If you are facing legal trouble, irrespective of its nature, this blog post is curated to help you understand Victorian Legal Aid and how it can help you navigate through your legal matters.    

What is Victorian Legal Aid?

Victorian Legal Aid is a professional service offered by reputed solicitors. It includes advice on Legal Assistance pertaining to Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Family Law matters.

The availability of the services depends on the eligibility. There are certain legal advice services that are available to all while others hold special eligibility criteria. Responsible and dedicated solicitors offering Victorian Legal Aid also work towards community enlightening regarding legal rights and responsibilities.  


Why is Legal Aid Important?

Legal matters are of complicated nature. The more careless you are in dealing with a legal case, the worst it can get to prove your claim and get the benefit. It is very important to follow a set approach to ensure favourable outcomes in legal matters. Without Victorian Legal Aid, issues involving criminal law, family law, and other civil law issues can become intertwined, consuming resources unnecessarily, and causing undue stress in one’s life.

 However, on the other hand, with professional legal aid, understanding, building, presenting, and proceeding with the legal case becomes easier and result-oriented.   

Victorian Legal Aid Services

You can approach a professional solicitor firm to avail of Victorian Legal Aid services. The best legal advisers also provide education regarding legal rights and responsibilities in the community and ensure legal awareness in related matters. Victorian legal aid services are aimed at securing effective delivery of legal aid in the community which is ensured with proper research and analysis and effective dealings of law-related matters. 

What's Legal Aid?

Legal Aid in Victoria encompasses a wide range of legal services including but not limited to:

Legal advice – Legal advice to the affected party related to their legal cases. This is done in person or through a digital medium. 

Legal helpIn case a party is in court without a lawyer, legal aid is offered to the party with the aid of a duty lawyer. 

Court Representation –  A professional and experienced solicitor is assigned to the case for representation at the court. 

Family dispute settlement – Facilitating a family dispute settlement with the help of a ‘family dispute resolution practitioner’ or chairperson.

Further Victorian legal aid includes:

Victorian Legal Aid Family Law

This covers legal aid in matters related to family, youth and children. The aim is to solve family disputes and arrange safe, workable and Child-Focused Parenting and care arrangements. We also educate parents in ways to handle their parenting needs to ensure smooth functioning in future without legal aid. You can get legal advice, dispute resolution, and legal representation services.  

Victorian Legal Aid Divorce Law

Professional help for divorce proceedings makes the stressful process easier. If the marriage is facing an “irretrievable breakdown” a solicitor can aid in the divorce process. 

Is Victorian Legal Aid Free?

Yes, Victorian Legal Aid is provided free by reputed solicitors groups. The Victorian Legal Aid is offered to people with legal problems, pertaining to criminal law, family law and certain civil law matters. The advice might include expert’s opinion, information as well as legal support on different legal matters. 

Why Choose Mirabellas Solicitors?

At Mirabellas Solicitors we are a law firm with highly experienced and reputed professionals offering Victorian Legal Aid and related services in Melbourne and surrounds. We hold 30 years of Experience and a great track record for client satisfaction and success rate. You can trust us with the details of your cases and expect fair and successful advice and representation. We are known as a client-friendly law firm with all Victoria legal aid services under one roof. 

We charge affordable costs in accordance with the basic cost scales as recommended by the Law Institute of Victoria. 

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If you are facing legal trouble, irrespective of its nature, this blog post is curated to help you understand Victorian Legal Aid and how it can help you navigate through your legal matters.

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