Must know about De facto relationships

In the modern world, de facto relationships are considered similar to marriage, and there are separate laws for de facto couples. From property settlement to superannuation splitting, people should be aware of their rights in the relationship. However, people have several doubts about de facto relationships, and the conflict arises when the de facto couple separate.

Every de facto couple needs to know about the basic criteria, which is the time duration should be not less than two years. If you ever have issues in your de facto relationship, the court will proceed with this question.

Other things come under the domestic basis, including the shared finances, taking care of the children, and more. However, there is no particular definition that elucidates the basis of de facto relationships. However, the court takes apparent signs to get a precise understanding of the relationship between the de facto couple. If you have been in a de facto relationship that satisfies the basic criteria, every condition should be fulfille

Ending a de facto relationship

The dispute in your relationship arises when you or your partner break down. In those times, you need emotional support, but you have to concentrate on your finances, childcare and more.

The family court will be involved in the division of property after valuing the assets. This valuation includes all the properties that you acquired before commencing the de facto relationship. Moreover, the financial contributions of your partner and yourself will be assessed. When it comes to kids, there are specific entitlements.


Protecting your assets in a de facto relationship

If you want to keep your assets safe, it is important to have clear details about your assets before you initiate the relationship. After two years of de facto relationships, your property rights are entitled to your partner as well. Ending a de facto relationship can be emotionally painful if there is a personal or financial issue. It is hard for both parties, and Mirabellas Solicitors provide the complete support for you to go through the difficult process and ensure that you end a relationship peacefully.

Though the separation process is complicated, you have the right to battle for the property, assets and childcare. When your relationship fulfils the basic criteria, legal separation is an important step to move on.

From your assets to childcare, lawyers at Mirabellas Solicitors can help you out. With our guidance, you can go through tough times without any complications. Our lawyers helped several clients who had a rough patch in the de facto relationship.

When your relationship hits rock bottom and separation is the only way to move on, our de facto lawyers in Melbourne can help you out. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge in handling the conflicts between the de facto couple. We know that every case is different and understand that the perspective of both parties varies.

We have the expertise to handle the de facto relationship entitlements, no matter how tough the situation is. Our lawyers will help you sort out the property disputes and provide valuable suggestions to decide the claims. So, get in touch with our team right away.

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