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What our Trusted Family Lawyer team does is assist you in all aspects of family law including:

Child-care responsibilities and concerns

As a Reputable Family Lawyer Templestowe, our job is to guide and help you in all aspects of Child-care, some of them are also:

Disagreements Because of Property

It’s always in the best interest for Monetary/Property disagreements to be resolved as amicably as possible, rather than take it to eventual court proceedings. However, these disputes do arise from time to time and it’s best they be properly nipped in the bud.

At Mirabellas Solicitors the kind of legal advice we will have for you will pleasantly surprise you, as we cater to all aspects of a financial nature with regards to your Real-estate/Apartment, our experience speaks volumes as noted by the numerous reviews we have received by our clients for our representation of them at all our out of court mediations, or in court as well. We just want to help you steer clear of any drama and crunch all the proverbial numbers for a fair resolution in this regard.

If you have any stress with regards to your Property Disputes and with reaching common ground – at family law solicitors Templestowe, we will get to the bottom of all your property disagreements and assist you to receive a fair settlement in any court proceedings, making sure you get the most out of the outcome.

Financial agreements and settlements

Financial disputes are always a dicey territory, why we as a family law attorney templestowe cater to these disputes carefully, because typically before even entering into a marriage these settlements and agreements would have been talked about and agreed before the couple got married or even after the separation.

All your assets are indispensable, which is why we motivate our clients to protect all of it before entering into a second marriage or more. At Mirabellas Solicitors, we help you work out all your financial concerns without having to appear before court for filing documents; and this is before your eventual separation.

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Words From Our Clients

Jan Johnston

I found that Mirabellas was extremely knowledgeable in family law issue. John in particular was very fair and supportive during a difficult period. John provides a tailored service.

Donna Byron

Very professional and personalized service. Great communication, always kept me advised on what was happening and nothing was too hard for them to make it as easy as possible for me.

Mathew Zammitt

I went to Mirabellas in a desperate state after having not seen my daughter for 2 months. The court battle with my ex wife went for a total of 19 months and through the whole process Mirabellas
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