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A divorce is usually a time of major upheavals for a lot of couples, because “change” from the daily routine isn’t something that is normally handled well, especially with the Seperated Couples. Add to that are the other challenges pertaining to a Divorce – the Legal proceedings and more.

Our team of Gifted Divorce Attorney Templestowe know exactly how to prepare you and assist you, through their expertise in this field during those complicated times, We not only cater to most aspects of your divorce such as Property Disagreements, the custody arrangements but also any other scenarios regarding your divorce.

We don’t just stop there, we analyse all the possible outcomes and documents and find the most expedient solutions to help you get forward, ready to the next journey of your life with the best result possible for you.

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Your concerns that revolve around the Separation and the Legal Proceedings surrounding your divorce are all taken into consideration by our incredible team of solicitors and we will help you every step of the way to get through this.

For years now have been regarded as highly recommended lawyers templestowe, some of the areas we cater to are also:

Our goal is to help our clients utilize our Knowledgeable team of solicitors to the maximum with all aspects of divorce. We will also represent on your behalf for circumstances like when squaring up with a divorce application from your spouse, and other situations resulting from split-ups.

We personalize as much as we can, and treat every case for the unique situation that it is doing all the Due-Diligence we can through the witness declarations, the documents related to the divorce, any further affidavits or documents that could be deemed necessary in court, in essence to shoulder all the burden away from you.

Should a court of law require you to appear before it with regards to the divorce proceedings, our dedicated team of lawyers are on standby for you and will constantly talk over all the possible situations and outcomes you will have to consider regarding the activities relating to your – Finance, Property and Custody Proceedings.

For any situations with respect to a divorce, you can choose us. In fact, we encourage you to check our reviews from our patrons with how we tackle custodial and monetary entitlements which should give you a clearer picture on how convenient and useful we are for your divorce requirements.

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I found that Mirabellas was extremely knowledgeable in family law issue. John in particular was very fair and supportive during a difficult period. John provides a tailored service.

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Very professional and personalized service. Great communication, always kept me advised on what was happening and nothing was too hard for them to make it as easy as possible for me.

Mathew Zammitt

I went to Mirabellas in a desperate state after having not seen my daughter for 2 months. The court battle with my ex wife went for a total of 19 months and through the whole process Mirabellas
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